Uganda: I Don't Fear Going Back to Prison – Besigye

Kampala — As a form of defiance, former opposition presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has vowed never to return to Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s court in connection with the treason case that he was charged with.

The four-time presidential candidate has said he does not mind having his bail cancelled and sent back to Luzira prison where he spent a month after his arrest in May last year on the eve of president Yoweri Museveni’s swearing in and airlifted to Moroto District where he was charged and remanded.

“But time has come to also say no to bail because it was bail that was still bringing me here. I have informed my lawyer that I will not come back to this court over this matter. They can cancel the bail. I have no problem at all. They can cancel bail and take me back to prison if that is their wish but I will not come back to this court for appearance and mention from today,” he said.

Dr Besigye is accused of swearing himself in as the president of Uganda following last year’s presidential elections where he claims to have beaten his competitors including President Museveni by 52 per cent.

“Some time back I had decided not to come back to this court but at that time, my bail reporting which was at High Court was shifted here so I have been reporting here for both bail and routine mention of the treason case,” Dr Besigye told journalists on Friday at Nakawa court where he had appeared for mention of his treason case.

Dr Besigye explained that his arrest in down town and his eventual charging in Moroto court with treason on the eve of swearing of President Museveni last year was a means by President Museveni to overthrow the will of the people who had voted him and not Mr Museveni.

Dr Besigye further noted that Mr Museveni should be the one charged in court and not him.

“My arrest, detention and the eventual charging with treason was simply part of the coup process that was conducted by Mr Museveni in overthrowing the will of the people of Uganda in the February last year,” Dr Besigye said.

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