Sook Station: The prison themed hostel in Bangkok that turns travellers into inmates

A new hostel in Thailand is throwing its guests into cells for the night – at their request.

Sook Station is a prison themed hostel in Bangkok which opened earlier this summer and is delighting travellers with its quirky offering.

At check-in guests have their mugshot taken, are given black and white pyjamas and are assigned with an inmate number instead of a key which gets them in and out of their “cell”.


Rooms feature bunk beds, iron bars and metal doors (Sook Station)

Rooms measure 8 metres square and have metal doors, bunk beds, stripy curtains and bars over the windows. In keeping with the theme there is also a “lights out curfew” and a communal dimly lit concrete bathroom. At check-out “prisoners” are given a criminal record as a keepsake.

But the property doesn’t take the theme completely seriously. It’s also filled with comfortable touches such as an outdoor hot tub, relaxation lounge, workspace, fairy lit roof terrace and an on-site restaurant as well as free Wi-Fi and parking. Some rooms have a balcony or patio.

The budget hotel is located in the upper Sukhumvit area, downriver from Bangkok’s city centre. It is close to a Skytrain BTS station (Udom Suk) and will take around 20 minutes to get into the middle of the city.

A two-person bunk room with the full theme experience costs £30 but if you don’t fancy being imprisoned the hostel also has normal double rooms and family accommodation with private bathrooms from £46 a night. Each stay includes a complimentary breakfast.

Sook Station’s owner Na spoke to Lonely Planet about creating the hotel in a city which is notorious for its tough prisons. He said: “Most of the guests like it because it is unique and comfortable. The idea for creating the hostel came from my favourite movie, ‘The Shawshank Redemption’. I wanted to follow my dreams and created it.”


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