My Take on Evans, the Billionaire kidnapper

The debate going on Evansgate should not be sensational for readers and profit to media outfits alone, we should get it right at this time. If you can all remember the onetime human parts supplier, Clifford Orji, we are just treading on the same path again.

For those who are saying we should forgive Evans, I ask on what conditions? While for those calling for his head through our judicial system, I will ask on what basis. There is no doubt that he has gone against the law of the land, he had made many homes to be bankrupted and be in perpetual loss of their members. But I beg to differ on both views though I’m an advocate of rule of law.

My opinions might not be in tandem with our law considering the gravity of Evans’crimes but we should look beyond nailing Evans without his victims benefiting from it and his colleagues in this atrocity repenting.

We should do thorough investigation on his assets both in Nigeria and outside. All these assets should be evaluated with details be made available to the public and thereafter confiscate.

Also, all his victims should come out and confront him with evidence under a serious panel of inquiry.

Afterwards, his confiscated assets should be sold to pay back his victims and whatever remain should be used to build well equipped vocational centers across the six geopolitical zones.

You may want to ask what should happen to Evans, I will opine he faces the punitive measures within ambit of the law but his assets should not be confiscated to rot like others in the past. There are many confiscated properties lying rotten across the country, adding no value to anyone. So we should do it in such away that the victims will recover their losses.

My final advice for all government institutions is that they should stop acting film on Evansgate but do everthing possible to make sure that wheels of justice don’t grind too slow. Nigerians will be glad to have timely justice on Evansgate, at most 3months, if not it will be like 90weeks wasted on political motivated trial of Sarakigate.

Let’s build our nation.
Ifedayo Obi,
Lead Partner, Good Governance Advocates

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