Meira Kumar kicks off presidential campaign in Gujarat, spins charkha at Sabarmati Ashram


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    We represent the true legacy of Mahatma Gandhi: Meira Kumar

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    Just by going to Sabarmati ashram, one gets Shakti: Kumar

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    Meira Kumar’s opponent is Ram Nath Kovind

Former Lok Sabha speaker Meira Kumar, who the Opposition has chosen to take on NDA candidate Ram Nath Kovind in the upcoming presidential polls, began her campaign in Gujarat today.

A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi spun a charkha at the ashram on the occasion of the birth anniversary of one of Mahatma Gandhi’s gurus, Meira Kumar did the same.

When Kumar filed her nomination papers in Parliament on Wednesday , she said the Congress-led Opposition  represented “the true legacy, thought and ideology of Mahatma Gandhi.”

She announced at the time that she would start her campaign in Sabarmati.

“Everyone knows the importance of Sabarmati and Sabarmati’s Sant (Mahatma Gandhi). Just by going there one gets Shakti (power), so (I) am also going there,” Kumar told reporters.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi has called the presidential election “a fight of ideologies and principles.”

Her candidate’s opponent, Ram Nath Kovind, was the Governor of Bihar.

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