Lagos LG Polls: Political Parties should desist from electoral malpractice and violence.

Source: KOWA PARTY, Lagos state.

Local government administrations have been emasculated for so long that it has rendered local governments in Nigeria ineffectual. In what has now become a tradition Lagos State governors and godfathers have, since 1999, used the local governments as compensation of sorts for their friends, family and political thugs. These amenable puppets only serve the purpose of their godfathers and thereby deny the people the true import of Local Government administration.

KOWA Party is poised to promote good governance and true democracy. We wish to admonish the ruling Party to desist from their usual nefarious and already orchestrated plans to rig this forthcoming LGA/LCDAs election on July 22nd. KOWA Party cannot, and will not, accept a situation where the selfish desires of a selected few will thwart the growth and development of the majority.

From the outset, we have noticed, with utter dismay, the over-bearance of the APC structure on Lagos Independent Electoral Commission (LASIEC). Lagos state pride itself as a ‘Centre of excellence’ and Lagos state has proven that over time. We set the pace here for other states in the Federation to follow and KOWA says we must also use this forthcoming elections to set the pace in conducting a free, fair and credible election that can be used as template to conduct national elections in the future.

We have made it clear before that KOWA party does not concern itself with how the Incumbent conducts internal affairs so they can go ahead and impose candidates on their members but they should not think, for a second, that they can impose their candidates on the people. The will of the people cannot be overwhelmed by the will of some people who think they can sit in a mansion in bourdillon or Alausa and draft out outcomes for the elections. The populace would no longer condone that. Lagosians are disgruntled with the tradition of imposing leaders on them, they want to experience and enjoy the true dividends of democracy at the local government level and they know only KOWA Party can give them that.

It is also to our knowledge that some elemental groups are perfecting plans to wreck mayhem in certain areas if they don’t get their way at the polls. We advise these groups of people to refrain from any form of violence. You cannot seek to harm the very people you claim you want to serve.

We use this opportunity to call on Civil Society groups within the State and all security agencies to help ensure that the forthcoming LGA/LCDAs elections are free, fair and devoid of any electoral malpractice.

One man can be different but we believe in KOWA PARTY that….TOGETHER WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Victor Terhemba
KOWA PARTY, Lagos state.

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