Kim Kardashian Surrogate: All You Need to Know About Her!

According to the latest round of rumors, Kim Kardashian is expecting twins.

Not naturally. Not due to Kanye West having knocked up his wife with their third and fourth children.

Instead, due to a medical condition that makes it dangerous for Kim to get pregnant, the famous couple has allegedly hired a surrogate.

Yes, a surrogate.

This means Kim and Kanye are paying a woman to carry their child to term (using Kim’s egg and Kanye’s sperm), which is not an unusual step to take for parents who can’t conceive.

It’s a tad more atypical for parents who have already welcomed a pair of natural children, but whatever. Good for Kimye if they wish to expand their family.

The latest reports claim that the surrogate is pregnant with TWO babies, which is twice as many as being pregnant with one baby.

It’s gonna be quite a hectic household in a few months if these claims are accurate!

“Kim and Kanye are overjoyed that the couple’s surrogate is pregnant with twins,” an insider tells Life & Style, explaining that the twosome wanted to ensure a pregnancy by implanting two embryos.

The implantation was successful, the magazine goes on to write, which leaves us with a pressing question:


Her name is being kept secret, but this same tabloid claims to have gathered a lot of information about the anonymous woman.

“The surrogate is being pampered and given everything she wants,” a source told Life & Style for its latest issue, adding:

“Kim has been checking in and bringing her whatever she needs. So far she has gotten a clean bill of health.

“They have hired security for the surrogate, because Kanye doesn’t want to take any chances with the safety of the twins, even though they haven’t been born yet.

“They security is very low-key, because Kanye doesn’t want the neighbors to realize the surrogate is carrying their babies.”

Previously, we had heard that Kanye was a bit hesitant about this entire process.

As someone who values his privacy, especially when it comes to his family, the rapper wasn’t excited about some stranger playing such an important role in his life.

But we guess he’s come around.

Based on the contract the woman signed as part of her surrogacy, she will receive $45,000 for the first child and $5,000 for the second baby.

There are other rules in place as part of the deal, such as how the woman isn’t allowed to drink alcohol, take drugs or even have very much sex in the final stages of her pregnancy.

This is all par for the surrogacy course, regardless if the parents-to-be are famous or not.

“Any kids of Kim and Kanye’s will live in the lap of luxury,” a second source tells the tabloid, stating the obvious and adding:

“They’ll all have their own nannies and get constant care and attention.

“They will also have the top of the line strollers, cribs and car seats, and be dressed in only the best designer clothing.”

For those wondering, Kim has been diagnosed with placenta accreta.

This is a condition in which the placenta grows outside the uterus, causing major pain and bleeding while giving birth and it could even threaten her life.

We’ll continue to update readers with information about Kim and Kanye’s twins as further news breaks.

For now, it’s worth asking ourselves:

With Saint and North out of the way, what possible names will they come up with next?!?

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