VERY unassuming and down to earth, Mrs. Sophie Livi-Ajuonuma is the CEO of FinaAfrik Designers,
a unisex fashion house based in Lekki Phase 1. She has always been a fashion buff and her creativity
and depth is commendable. After her youth service years back, she resolved to pursue her passion and that motivated her to do a crash programme in dress making to hone her skills. Today, her outlet is a hub for ready-to-wear and cut-to- measure male and female apparels. She

Favorite color

Do I really have a favorite color? I love cream and peach but I know blue fits me better. Any shade of blue looks nice
on me according to people. My interiors are very colorful too as every room has its color scheme. My room is lilac and purple but my living room is red, white and black.

Favourite music

I like gospel music especially praise and worship by Houghton Israel, W. Smith, Nathaniel Bassey, Frank Edwards and other inspiring gospel artistes.

Favourite food

I’m not a food person but if you give me unripe plantain, I’ll really appreciate it; whether it’s boiled or as porridge, anyhow you serve it; hot or cold, I don’t mind. It’s very nourishing. Unripe plantain and vegetables with fresh fish and prawns are just really delicious.

Favourite book

I don’t have a favorite book but I like Christian literature from

different men of God. I like to read literature by Pastor E A Adeboye, Dr G.K Olukoya, and late Myles Munroe. In fact, I’m reading Munroe’s book titled, The most Important Person on the Face

of the Earth now. His books are very inspirational; he’s a teacher, he will practically teach you; he writes the way he preaches and the way he speaks. He’s straight to the point in simple English.

Favourite holiday spot

I like Miami, Florida. The weather is beautiful and there are lots of tourist attractions there.

Favourite car?

I’m not a car freak but I love Mercedes particularly the space wagon. I like posh cars.

Favourite fashion accessories

I like the shift dress and
the baby doll dress. They are timeless. The baby doll dress
is there forever, they don’t go
out of fashion. The shift dress
is also cute and suitable for all ages. It’s a classic piece and most women have at least one in their wardrobes.

Favourite weather

Funny enough, I love the rainy season. I don’t like harmattan, it irritates me. I don’t like it when it’s too hot but when it’s cold, fine. You can wear your warm clothes when it’s too cold for you.

Favourite sports

I like the full body exercise; walking. I walk on Ikoyi bridge and by the time you go up and down it’s something refreshing. Hitherto, I used to do it once weekly but I’m busy and if I manage to do once a month I’d be very happy.


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