Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl: Eyes for new boy, Joseph [Part 3]


Still with Joseph, he is what she needs right now, something other than her usual neighbours, but there is bad news waiting for her at home.

He moved in and out of her a little faster and she matched his movement with hers, it felt nice how their sweaty bodies rubbed against each other, his dick rubbed against her clit with his every stroke making her moan loudly

“Oh fuck, this is good pussy” He grunted with his voice breaking. She was enjoying the feel of a new dick inside her body, and he is so good looking.

He pushed into harder and faster grunting as he did

“Fucck” He grunted and came hard, he crashed on her for few seconds with his weight on his elbows. He rolled over and laid besides her, she turned to face him and he smiled at her

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“Do you know how beautiful you are” He said stroking her cheek

She smiled shyly at him

They talked and she told him more about herself and funny stories from her apprentice shop, he told her about how he used to be a corper there and about how he started business and decided to stay back after service, they talked and laughed, she felt really comfortable and wished they could stay like that in bed all day.

He stroked her cheek and his hands lingered to her neck, where he traced invisible lines, he let his hands linger to her boobs where he circled her nipples slightly watching as they got hard, she saw him smile as he played with her nipples, he inched lower and covered her nipples with his mouth, he sucked and gently bite her nipples, she pushed her chest further into him loving the feel of his teeth on her nipples.

She reached down and felt his hard dick smiling to herself; she wanted to ride that dick hard, she stroked his dick up and down liking how it felt in her hands, she kept stroking as  he laid back moaning gently, she liked the sounds he was making and wanted to make him moan more, she straddled him watching him as she did.

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She led his dick to her opening and slowly sat on it, her pussy took him in inch by inch till he was all inside of her, she looked at him and started to move slowly savoring the feel of him inside her, she placed both hands on his chest and built a rhythm.

She loved how he opened his mouth slightly as she moved, she picked up pace with her head thrown back, she leaned into him and moved up and down his dick faster

“Ahh yes yes ahhh” She moaned loudly

She grinded on his dick loving how it felt inside her, she did that as she moved back and forth his dick, she could feel her orgasm building, she sat up and moved up and down faster, she was about to explode when he pulled out and shot cum on her

“Ahhh nooo” She cried out disappointed

She laid down beside him slightly pissed she didn’t cum

“I am sorry dear” he said kissing her cheek

He stood up and disappeared behind the curtain again, he came back with a roll of tissue paper, he rolled out some and handed it to her, she cleaned up cum from her body wishing at least came once; maybe they can try again, she looked up and her eye caught a small clock on the wall and she almost screamed out; she lost track of time.

She jumped out of bed and frantically started to get dressed

“I don late very well” she said to him

She got dressed and grabbed her bag.

“Will I see you tomorrow” He asked

She nodded and left, she walked as fast as her legs could carry her, praying in her mind that madam wasn’t back yet, she got home and almost stumbled as rushed into the compound, she found the children sitting outside the door looking tired and hungry, she apologized to them as she opened the door, as soon as they were undressed she boiled yam for them to eat, she gave them each #50 to keep their mouth shut.

She was relieved when her madam came back late. After dinner her madam called her into her room, she was scared she was in trouble again, maybe she found out she came home late and wanted to know where she had been, her brain was working on overdrive trying to come up with a believable lie

“Eh your aunty send message” her madam started

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“Get ready, you dey travel go house, she talk say your mama dey sick”

Grace suddenly felt the urge to cry, she had not seen her mother in a while and was scared of what might happen next.


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