Content is king, but only if you do it right

Published on Monday, June 19, 2017

Tom Mcloughlin, founder of SEO Travel, says there are three types of content you’ll need to make your company stand out from the crowd. In the first part of his guest comment, he concentrates on number one…

“If you work in marketing, you will have heard the phrase ‘content is king’ many times. It’s true that content is crucial to your marketing strategy in the digital age and, in tandem with excellent promotion, creating good content will elevate you above your competitors and give your business long term, sustainable visibility.

However, content does not fall into one bag and shouldn’t be addressed as such. Different content serves different needs, and it’s important that your content caters to these different requirements.

These requirements fall into three groups; content for traffic, content for links and content for shares. If you create content for each of these requirements, then your brand’s visibility will undoubtedly improve. Here’s how…

Content for traffic

If you want to be found through search engines for the kind of phrases that your customers are searching for then it’s crucial you create content targeting those phrases.

This could be a commercially intended phrase that you hope a visitor will make a booking from (‘spain holidays’ or ‘villas in greece’) or an informational phrase the users will search for earlier in the buying line (‘best places to visit in November’, ‘things to do in Spain’).

Your aim should be to create content that caters to all those phrases, so that users will find you at any stage through the buying process. The Rule of 7 states that users need to be exposed to a brand 7 times before converting, so the more places you can appear through this process the more likely you are to win the business once the user is ready to buy.

The next challenge is creating content that Google, Bing or other search engines judge good enough to show to their users. Throwing up a few hundred words off the cuff won’t cut the mustard in the competitive world of travel, so it’s crucial you create content that stands head and shoulders above the competition.

The key boxes you need to tick with your content are:

Go big. Length on its own isn’t enough, but if you write the words then you’re much more likely to cover off the variety of topics and synonyms that Google want to see to assume you’re an authority on the topic. If you write 3,000 words and everyone else has written 500 who looks more like the authority?

Length isn’t enough, the words need to be good and provide more information than your competitors do. If you write more words and they’re of a better quality then you’ll be hard to ignore.

People are fickle. Even if they land on a page that has the best information in the world, if it looks horrible then they might not stick around. Ensure your design is up to scratch and the content is easy to navigate.

We live in an impatient world where people will throw their phone at the wall if a page takes longer than 2 seconds to load. Search engines know that, so it’s crucial all those words you’ve written load fast when people want to read them.

Images are the main offender in slowing pages down, so make sure your images are the appropriate size for their use and avoid going overboard unless absolutely necessary.

If you fulfill these requirements then you’ll be well on the way to a successful piece of content that will drive lots of visits and potential customers to your site.

That’s Part 1, but look out for part 2 on Thursday when I’ll cover content for links and shares, which are crucial in maximising the value of the content you’ve produced for traffic. Do this in isolation and you won’t see huge benefits, but do it in tandem with content for links and shares and your growth will go through the roof.”

Sign up here for a free travel marketing workshop with SEO Travel at the end of July where Tom will be sharing the secrets behind successful content and giving delegates the opportunity to win a free six-month marketing campaign.


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