Big Brother Recap: Another Twist Revealed

Tensions in the Big Brother house tend to skyrocket as we edge closer to an eviction, and things went into overdrive on the latest episode. 

We picked up with the houseguests in shock over Josh publicly slamming Cody and Jessica. Alex noted that she was happy to let the argument rage on because it took the target off her own back. 

Jessica chanted that Josh was a mere pawn for both sides of the house and that he should probably go and change his diaper. Cody decided there was no point in continuing the argument and walked off. 

Paul followed and complimented him for taking his nomination like a man. Despite their differences, both of them knew when the other made a good move. 

Later, Christmas gathered the houseguests and revealed that she needed major surgery on her foot. She explained that she was given the opportunity to leave the game, but she decided to stay in and fight it out. 

Cody did not give a damn and felt like she was using the injury to advance her game further, and left the situation. Jessica, however, wanted to extend the olive branch to her. 

Even though Jessica’s been Cody’s shadow all season long, she knew she needed to build relationships out with her relationship in order to make it further. 

Christmas was not impressed with the way Jessica was going on about her reasons for wanting Christmas out. The funny thing is, Jessica had no clue about nominating Christmas. 

It was a tense meeting, but the two women parted ways. There’s no chance of them ever finding a way to get along. Too much has been done for them to make things right. 

Things went from bad to worse for Jessica when the houseguests celebrated Dominique’s birthday. Raven had made a cake, and the have nots did not get too have some. 

Naturally, Jessica disappeared to another room and cried her heart out. Cody comforted her, but at least he got to eat cake. 

Desperate to help Jessica’s game, Cody turned to Christmas to say that Mark and Dominique were in on the plan to get rid of Christmas from the get-go. Christmas was skeptical but took the information on board.

He even went as far as telling her to work with Alex and Jessica. He may seem deluded at times, but at least he’s looking out for his girl.

His plan took a bigger turn when he opened up about two people coming to him during his HOH reign. He revealed this to the house during Dominique’s talk show. 

However, Dominique made a mistake by telling everyone there was a dominant group in the house and Paul was pissed. Everyone wondered why she would say something like that, but she did. 

The target is most definitely on her now. It’s amazing how quickly things change in the game. One wrong thing can seal your fate. 

At the eviction, Christmas was not present but managed to vote from the hospital. Yes, this is getting out of hand now.

– Jessica votes to evict Ramses

– Kevin votes to evict Ramses

– Christmas (via phone from the hospital) votes to evict Ramses

– Raven votes to evict Cody

– Dominique votes to evict Cody

– Mark votes to evict Cody

– Jason votes to evict Cody

– Josh votes to evict Cody

– Elena votes to evict Cody

– Matt votes to evict Cody

The biggest shock in the voting was that Christmas voted to evict Ramses. It was bizarre and proved she could not be trusted. 

Cody was evicted by a vote of 7-3-0!

On his way out the door, he asked Jessica to be his girlfriend. To the surprise of absolutely no one, she accepted. 

Julie then dropped the bomb that there will be a Battle Back next week, and Cody looked ecstatic. You could see wheels spinning as he plotted his revenge. 

What did you think of all the drama?

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