Bauchi Gov’s Road Constructions Revolution

By Samuel David Yelwa

In a view to assess and evaluate the performances of the elected cum appointed political office holders by the electorates, much emphasis has been put on the midterm scorecards calibrations which has become paramount and critical because any of the elected or appointed official that hasn’t achieved anything at that level, he might probably end up achieving nothing.

It’s known that, at the nick of the 2015 general elections which was apparently the freest election we ever had as a country, many of those who emerged winners had during their campaigns pledged to do something different from what was obtainable before in terms of good and all-inclusive governance. It was an election which reflects the true yearnings and aspirations of the voters as the various results were actual decisions of the electorates and therefore, it was seen as a kind of covenant between the elected and the electorates which could either be renewed or cancelled in the next coming elections but one’s position in the radar of performance could only be the determining factor of his political future.

Though, it’s very unfortunate that, those who had found themselves within the corridors of power in the present democratic dispensation could have a handful of constrains and challenges to live with, ranging from serious insecurity, dwindling revenue due to the sharp fall in the oil price within the international markets, unprecedented crashing of naira against the US Dollar and many more. There was this saying that goes; ‘when the going get tougher, only the dogged could survived’ and therefore, with all these chunks of challenges and bottlenecks, some people have distinguished themselves and performed beyond their contemporaries who eventually had to succumbed to the daunting challenges and failed to performed.

Therefore, Bauchi State Governor, Barrister Muhammed Abdullahi Abubakar has been in the forefront of those that believed they could do everything possible to fulfill their campaign promises despite the paucity of funds. Barely two years of his administration, he had superlatively transformed virtually all the sectors of the economy; roads and infrastructure, education, heaths, women and youths empowerment among others.

Apparently, after inheriting a government that has its future being mortgaged with huge domestic and foreign debts coupled with poor or non-revenue generational structure with most of the schools, hospitals and other government structures left in a total shambles state begging for an immediate rescue. Equally, Abubakar discovered that, the lucrative and passionate areas of interest for the erstwhile regime, was how to tactically and contemptibly siphon the state coffers and financial Fort Knox where billions of naira has been allegedly misappropriate and misused by the cronies of the then government.

Not deterred with the sorry state he met the state, Gov. Abubakar has within two years of his purposeful stewardship formulated ways and strategies geared towards economic revival in the state which has cogently and glaringly yielded positives results that gave the hitherto the despaired and despondent people of the state a spirited sense and blithe of viable future.

One of the major planks of the Governor Abubakar’s policy desiderata and a proof of his administration’s reform agenda is in the crucial area of road construction and infrastructural development as the availability of a modern road network and accessibility of towns and villages is a sine qua non for rapid and sustainable economic development and on this score as in other critical sectors of Bauchi State economy, the (Makama Babba) has delivered where previous administrations had failed woefully in that regard.

Certainly, previous administrations used the media hype to deceived unsuspected masses about their commitment to provide an excellent road network but alas it has been thoroughly exposed as a mere façade and charade meant to hoodwink hardworking Bauchi people as well as gullible members of the society when in fact, nothing was achieved in terms of improving the quality of the road network in various parts of the state.

Therefore, the burden of embarking on a genuine, credible and sustainable road construction projects fell on the broad shoulders of the affable and dexterous governor, who had the laudable vision of connecting cities, towns and villages for the easy movement of goods, farm produce, livestock and people from one point to the other thus boosting the economic indices of the state.

For instance, the construction of township roads moved at a frenetic pace and altogether over hundreds of kilometers have been awarded for construction, with over 70% completed while others are nearing the critical completion stage and major bridges were also built where necessary. Some of the roads projects embarked by the present administration are: construction and rehabilitation of Misau-Bulkachuwa-Udubo road, complete rehabilitation, extension and dualization of Murtala Muhammed Way-Federal Low-cost-Railway, design and construction of link road at Fadaman Mada, dualization of Miri-Zaranda-Gidan Mai-Awalah roundabout, dualization of Awalah-Giwo Academy, repair and resurfacing of Awalah-Central Market, repair and resurfacing of Kofar Gombe- House of Assembly, construction of Tafawa Balewa Housing Estate roads, construction of Ibrahim Bako Housing Estate roads, construction of entrance and other link roads at Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic (ATAP), rehabilitation of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University’s Permanent Site link road, construction of eight Intra-City roads in Misau, dualization of Jama’are road and the rehabilitation of Sule Katagum road in Azare, and rehabilitation of Udubo-Gamawa federal road.

Other roads construction projects are; Itas-Atafowa-Magarya, Hanafari-Jurara-Garin Babani-Sabon Kafi-Dogon Jeji, Darazo-Gabchiyari, Maraban-Ganye-Jajuwal-Gwalfada-Dokayel-Bakin Kogi respectively.

Therefore, the length and breadth of Governor Abubakar’s roads and infrastructural revolution in Bauchi State is awe-inspiring, all-encompassing and unrivalled within the North-east region and even the nation as a whole and it has raised the socio-economic profile of the state to record highs leading to an influx of investors, tourists, visitors and sundry entrepreneurs all keen to partake, invest and be co-opted into the progressive transformation agenda Gov. Abubakar and it is just a matter of time before Bauchi becomes the economic and developmental hub of the sub-Saharan region.


– David writes from Bauchi

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