Angola: Ruling Party Announces Alienation of Non-Strategic Public Firms

Luanda — Non-strategic public firms failing to make a profit will be alienated to the private sector through public tender, should the ruling MPLA party win the forthcoming 23 August election.

This was said Friday in Luanda by the ruling MPLA party candidate, João Lourenço, during a press conference.

According to joão Lourenço, this could be a ruling party’s strategy in the event of winning the general election of August this year, thus enabling them to make a profit and cut their dependence on the State Budget.

He explained that this strategy seeks to attract funds to the State’s coffers through tax collection.

To this end, the politician explained, the said firms shall be provided with a competent management capable of producing revenues and cease their continued “sucking” from State’s resources.

On the other hand, an MPLA election winning government would favour an international relation with other countries based on the economy diplomacy.

While the idea is to boost the national business sector, João Lourenço highlighted the need to invest in the economy diplomacy to attract foreign investments and thus enhance the country’s economic and social development.

As to the cohabitation between the formal and informal economies to avoid market distortions, the ruling MPLA candidate admitted the creation of an environment that favours the establishment of micro and small-size firms that absorbs a significant number of informal activity families.

According to him, the formal economy activity should prevail over the informal one as the latter does not pay tax and creates problems to the market.

He said that an MPLA Government’s effort would focus on more and more reducing the impact of the informal economy and thus attract revenues for the State through tax.

The politician stated on the other hand that it is the State’s responsibility to build economic housing for the low income people, through the ongoing process of construction of houses around the country.

Mentioning the ruling party’s 2017-2022 Government programme to provide 500,000 new jobs, joão Lourenco said this will be done through involving a capable private sector.

“We have set the figure of 500,000 (jobs). We have put it below what can actually happen. We are sure that in the coming five-year period, we will overcome this figure we set under our governing programme,” he stressed.

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