After midnight tryst with GST, isn't it time to catch up on some sleep, Mr Modi?


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    PM Modi is perhaps the only prime minister who does not take vacation.

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    In his more than three years’ tenure as PM, he has not taken a single days’ leave.

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    This highlights the workaholic nature of the PM.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveils GST at midnight today, an extremely hectic day sans sleep for him would be nearing an end. In fact, PM Modi’s schedule for the past week has remained jam packed. It may make anyone wonder whether he is getting sufficient time to rest.


His two-day visit to his home state Gujarat was full of engagements. Today morning, he dedicated water supply schemes based on Vatrak, Mazum and Meswo Dams at Modasa. In the afternoon, PM Modi inaugurated the Textiles India 2017 Summit at Gandhinagar.

In the evening, Narendra Modi inaugurated the integrated sports and entertainment ‘Arena Project’ at Ahmedabad before he flew for the national capital to take part in the special session convened in the historic Central Hall of Parliament to unveil GST.


Even Thursday was equally busy for the PM. His first two programmes were in Sabarmati Ashram – one was to celebrate its centenary celebrations while the second programme was to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s guru Shrimad Rajchandraji.

Subsequently, he attended a programme at the Aji Dam, where he dedicated irrigation and water related initiatives to the nation. From there, PM Modi travelled to Rajkot to join the Samajik Adhikarita Shivir and interact with Divyang people.


Modi’s two-day Gujarat visit was itself preceded by a whirlwind four days’ three-nation tour. Of the four nights that he was away, he slept three nights in Air India One, the PM’s plane. The only night he spent in a hotel was in the US capital of Washington DC.

Of the 96-odd hours that he was on tour, the prime minister spent about 33 hours in Air India One. In the remaining time, he took part in 33 non-stop meetings in Portugal, the US and the Netherlands. While the PM utilises each and every minute in meetings, he also ensures that he spends the remaining time in the plane in order to save time and precious money.

On his return from the three-nation tour, PM Modi was received by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on June 28 morning.

And the very next day, he was in Gujarat.


Today, after returning from his home state, Prime Minister Narendra Modi would take part in the GST ceremony which would start in the historic Central Hall of Parliament at 11 pm. He and President Pranab Mukherjee would deliver speeches before unveiling GST at midnight.

Besides taking minimum rest, Narendra Modi is perhaps also the only prime minister who also does not take vacation. In his more than three years’ tenure as PM, he has not taken a single days’ leave from work. However, this would also highlight the workaholic nature of the PM.

A good night sleep after a hard day’s work!


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