2 Declared Wanted Over Same Sex Union


 By Winifred Ogbebo,


Two men, Mr Ugochukwu Ifemelumma and Mr Nweze Emmanuel,  have been declared wanted by a community in Enugwu-Ukwu Local Government Area of Anambra State for allegedly sodomising young boys and engaging in same sex union in the community.


The community said it had been getting complaints from members of the community over the ‘unholy acts’ of the two men and had been investigating the issue over a period of time.

In a statement made available to LEADERSHIP,  the community youth leader, speaking of behalf of the community, Mr Chibuike Isulu, said both men are wanted by the community to answer for their atrocious acts and for desecrating the land and the laws of the country.

According to him, only Ifemelumma hails from the community, while his partner, Emmanuel, hails from a community in Ebonyi State.

He alleged that there are also complaints that Ifemelumma and his partner had been sodomising young boys in the community and that anger against the duo had escalated to an all time high.

Meanwhile,  Ifemelumma when reached on his phone number provided by the community, confirmed the development and disclosed that he ran away from the community for fear of his life, as he is aware that some members of the community are seeking to take their lives.

He said, “Though, I have some partners who I have been seeing secretly, I was surprised when in January 2017, a mob gathered outside my house with dangerous weapons, calling on me and Emmanuel to come out of the compound, vowing to deal with us, saying they were aware of our actions and evil sexual practice.”

But when asked if the community planned to mete out jungle justice on both men, Isulu said the community only wants them to come and defend themselves before the people, adding that if they are eventually found guilty, they would be handed over to the appropriate authorities for prosecution.

 Isulu explained that the community’s sanction for such crimes was banishment while the families of such individuals would be made to perform some cleansing rituals to sanctify the land.

He disclosed the community had launched a manhunt for the two men and expressed optimism that in a short while, both men would be fished out wherever they are hiding to answer for their crimes.

He said, “Homosexuality and same sex union are crimes both in the laws of our land and the laws of Nigeria. We have been getting reports that Ifemelumma and Emmanuel had been practicing these acts in our community for several years.

“We have investigated the claims and we want both men to come and defend themselves. We do not want to kill them; neither do we want to deal with them ourselves. We only want our culture to take its course and for anyone who had gone against our customs and tradition to be made to answer for their actions.”

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